Mammoth is the go to company for any new tool install.  We can receive, deliver, uncrate and safely move the tool into its final location for hard plumbing and hookup.  It does not matter if the tool is 500 pounds or 15,000 pounds; $1,000 or $5,000,000, Mammoth has the equipment and knowledge to safely move your new equipment into your cleanroom or lab.  Mammoth works with all the big players in town to get this done, as the moving may not be the only task needed.  For recommended contractors please look under areas served and the city your service is located.  Here you will find electricians, plumbers and contractors that are lab and clean room specific.

New Tool Intalls

When you a purchasing a new tool to be installed in your clean room or fab, make sure you have the right team lined up before it arrives.  We work with the top plumbers, electricians and engineers to facilitate the receiving, un crating and final hoop up for your tool.


If storage is needed before your tool can be installed, we can hold it at our warehouse and deliver out later.  Our warehouse has loading docks and is climate controlled.

Un Crating

Un crating a tool can be tricky if you do not know what your are doing. While some crates are screwed together, there are always the few overseas ones that are nailed together.  Using caution around your new tool is something are crews know best.

Final Placement

When it comes to final placement of your new tool, we know that it might not be just with in a inch.  We have the equipment and skill set to level and align your new tool exactly where it needs to be even.  1,500 lb tool or 15,000 lb tool we have covered.


We can provide you with a cost estimate for any service. We reccomend to have one of profesionals come to your location.