Residential and household storage is a service that Mammoth Moving has been providing for over 40 years. We know how to properly wrap, protect and secure your belongings so you can rest easy. There are multiple options depending on your needs of long term storage, short term storage, hold on van storage, vaulted storage or temporary storage. Mammoth has you cover in a scenario and can help you make the right choice for your specific need.

Long Term Storage

Any storage over 6 months of time is considered long term storage. This type of storage is usually housed in our Vaults or Overflow sections of our warehouse.

Short Term Storage

Short term storage is anything less than 6 months of time. This type of storage can be stored in Vaulted Storage, Container Storage or Hold On Van Storage.

Vaulted Storage

Vaulted storage is placed into 1 or more of our wooden pods that measure 5’x7’x7′. These Vaults are then stacked together into our Thermal Mass Climate Controlled warehouse.

Container Storage

Container storage is offered in 160 sf (8’X20’X9’6″H) or 320 sf (8’X40’X9’6″H). These are custom and brand new overseas containers, customized with multiple doors and proper ventilation.

Hold On Van Storage

Hold on van storage is done in our moving trailers or strait truck. This is intended for shorter periods of time. Hold on van storage is a great option to eliminate double handling and reduce labor costs.


We can provide you with a cost estimate for any service. We reccomend to have one of profesionals come to your location.