A piano or antique aged over 100 years is definitely something you want to hire a experience and seasoned mover for. Mammoth Moving has been moving baby grand to concert grand pianos for over 40 years. Although all furniture we handle is highly cared for, antiques or pianos are handled in a league of their own. We know how important the tuning of a piano or age of antique is to our customers. Let mammoth show you their award winning service.

Upright or Spinet Piano

This is a vertical piano that is usually placed against a wall and ranging from 400-1,000 lbs. This can be moved with 2 men and a standard piano dolly.

Baby, Parlor or Concert Grand

Grand Pianos are horizontal Pianos that you see with three legs and usually played with there top open. These range from 5′ to 9′ in length and 500 to 1,200 lbs. This will range from 2-4 men to move.


Furniture over 100 years old or close to it needs to be handled with a high level of care. Experience is key in this and technique is the only way to guarantee your items are protected in your move.


We can provide you with a cost estimate for any service. We reccomend to have one of profesionals come to your location.